Beauty is all we need.

The Moon is beautiful

As they say,

It is bright, white and sparkling.

Used figuratively for beautiful faces.

Though “similie” is used for things having least in common

And even if it truly holds for “the person”

It doesn’t really matter!

The moon has no life;

Is not a proper source of light.

Fluctuating throughout the month,

But how does it matter!

On the full moon day,

We forget everything;

And admire its beauty.

Even though we know it’s not going to last..

And oh! Did I mention!

Nobody cares for Earth..

Cause it’s not beautiful.

Not an eye candy, you see!

Even though it supports life;

But how does it matter!

The blue-green-black, rocky (as well) planet,

Has everything to make you happy.

But we are busy admiring Moon

Cause beauty is all you need.

We are busy exploring life outside

Taking Earth for granted

As she loves you.

Because trophies are admired by everyone..

Even if it is intrinsically empty (sometimes, not always!)

But who cares!

We are busy and happy admiring Moon 🙂


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